Brothers And Sister Of The Street.

It is not just at Cabot Square – the gathering place of the Inuit in Montreal on which Le Devoir has shone its spotlight in recent days – that homeless homeless people die prematurely. On December 30, Noah Shecapio, a 34-year-old Cree from Mistissini, died suddenly in a friend’s apartment in downtown Montreal, without his family knowing why or how.

According to preliminary information obtained by his mother, Maryjane Shecapio, the young man went to the hospital the same morning for abdominal pain and was discharged. He died a few hours later, possibly from cirrhosis of the liver caused by alcohol abuse. Shecapio is eagerly awaiting the coroner’s report, which she hopes will be able to answer her many questions.

“I didn’t believe it when the policeman came knocking on my door to tell me this terrible news,” says Maryjane Shecapio, in a very small voice, who was in denial for several days until she identified herself the body of her son.

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