In January 2021, PAQ received the good news that it’s initiative to purchase a house for permanent housing was one of 12 projects approved by the City of Montreal as a part of the federal government’s Rapid Housing Initiative. We are thrilled to be the owners of a beautiful house in downtown Montreal for Indigenous women and men. Renovations will allow to provide 18 permanent housing units around 4 common living spaces (living room, kitchen, dining room) that can accomodate 22 persons including 6 spaces fully accessible to people with reduce mobility.

This resource will meet broad housing needs for several groups in the Indigenous community, at different stages of life. However, priority will be given to Indigenous women and men who are losing their autonomy and suffering from addictions and other mental health issues; the “difficult to house”. This population is often excluded from other permanent housing options due to their alcohol abuse.

More to come on this exciting initiative!