Groups that serve Montreal’s homeless population are asking the Quebec government to fund a five-year plan for permanent solutions.

The Old Brewery Mission’s CEO said reactively setting up temporary emergency measures every winter is expensive and fails to help homeless Montrealers out of crisis.

Photo by Allen McInnis /Montreal Gazette

They have a plan, they have a reasonable budget, they have a proven track record — and they have an ultimatum for the Quebec government.

The seven organizations that care for 90 per cent of homeless Montrealers have put their heads together and come up with a strategy they believe will offer the necessary supports to put a permanent roof over the heads of those living on the streets. Drawn from their collective experiences before COVID-19 and heroic efforts during the pandemic, they have a common vision to measurably reduce homelessness over the next five years. What they need from the government is stable, recurrent funding to achieve it.

If they don’t get it, these non-profit organizations are warning the health and social services department not to bother calling on them at the last minute this winter to set up temporary emergency services — like putting the homeless population up in hotels overnight or operating warming centres during the day.

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Author of the article: Allison Hanes  •  Montreal Gazette.