Because Culture Is Important!

One of the cultural activities that is appreciated is the screening of cultural films at the shelter. The activity is led by Mrs. Sylvie Cornez, consultant at Makivik Corporation.

The projections offered in 2017 focused on the following titles: What it takes to live, Maina, Andry Inuk, The Sacred Dance and Uvanga …

Projets Autochtones du Québec understands the importance of expressing, preserving and revitalizing cultures and languages. The goal is to provide culturally relevant programming to First Nations, Inuit and Metis communities. Emphasis is placed on activities that integrate participants into a healthy and safe community. The cultural facilitator uses the arts, traditional know-how and community gatherings.

Some examples of our practices promoting the development of healthy communities include sculpture, drawing, painting, music and cultural workshops.

Projets Autochtones du Québec is not just a place to eat, dress and sleep!

It is also truly a home for all natives, a large family where everyone has their place and participates in social life. Indeed, social and community life is very important to us. That’s why we organize cultural and ancestral events to bring people together. These activities are organized and supervised by teams of young professionals, including cultural leaders and front-line workers.


«Pualuk» Workshops (Mitts): a traditional Inuit sewing activity where residents can learn how to make sealskin mittens.

To protect themselves from the harsh Arctic climate, communities in the Far North use the natural resources that surround them to feed, shelter and clothe themselves.

Although the use of raw materials such as caribou fur and seal skin is controversial in various parts of the world, Projets Autochtones du Québec places great value on the traditions deeply rooted in the community that uses its services. Scheduled workshops are aimed at the organization’s clientele for learning how to make mitts, key holders, etc.


Exhibition of Aboriginal Art

An initiative of artists from our transition rooms and the shelter. Participants exhibited poems, beadwork, photographs and sculptures.

Winter Festival in Laval

Congratulations to the participants who made a bear sculpture at the festival, which earned them much admiration from the audience.

Art exhibit 2016
bear sculpture 2017

Traditional Feasts

Native American cuisine consists of vegetables, game and fish, fresh, dried or smoked in the open air.

Game and fish dishes are often in the spotlight in the dining room. Wild mint, fir jelly, wild berries and black spruce add an original note to these tasty traditional dishes.

Christmas Feast

Every year, we are honored by the songs with the sound of the drums, the traditional dance and the presence of the elders.

Christmas feast 2017