Together, let’s prevent homelessness for Indigenous women and men

By making a donation to PAQ, you contribute to give culturally adapted services to women and men from First Nations, Inuits and Metis. At PAQ, people in homeless situation or at risk receive a housing and other basic service. They are endowed with necessary competences and tools to help them in their individual path towards their own well being and find a community and compassion.

Your donation contributes to maintain our shelter in good condition and a better stability of people in homeless situation. It is thanks to your generosity that we can offer a space and an Indigenous community and culturally programming: meals for 365 days each year (dinner and breakfast), celebrations and commemorations and cultural and artistic activities.


How PAQ is funded

PAQ is principally funded by municipal, provincial and federal governments subventions. PAQ also depend on support of private foundations and on the generosity of individual donors.

Every donation count, no matter the amount.

Please consul tour annual reports and our financial state available here for more information on our activities and finance.


How to make a donation

Online by clicking here.

By phone at 514-879-3310 #212

By mail at 169 rue de la Gauchetière E., Montréal, QC, H2X 1P7.
The check must be made out at the name of Projets Autochtones du Québec

In person, by coming see us at offices at 169 rue de la Gauchetière E. between 9am and 5pm from Monday to Friday.

You can also make a donation for a particular project, an activity or a workshop that you like. You can say it when you make your donation!

We will issue a tax receipt for any donation over $20.


Material Donations

Material donations can be drop at PAQ from Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm. If you want to come drops your donation not between those hours, please contact us a few days in advance.


PAQ provide up to 130 meals a day and food donations are always welcomed! Here is some examples of donations that we can always use:

  • Coffee and tea
  • Sugar
  • Rice and pasta
  • Cereals
  • Milk
  • Bread
  • Meat

Hygiene products

Participants and resident of PAQ have access to showers and washing machine and dryer. Hygiene products are also used to give a basic kit for transition rooms.

  • Feminine hygiene product (sanitary napkins, tampons, etc.)
  • Soap, laundry soap
  • Toilette paper
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste


PAQ is always having additional clothes available in emergency case. We especially need for women and men:

  • New socks
  • Shoes and winter boots
  • New underwares
  • Shirts and pants

Other material donations

PAQ always need daily life objects to make the shelter and transition rooms work well. We especially need:

  • Sheets, blankets, pillowcases and pillows
  • Towels
  • Ustensils (forks, knifes, spoons)
  • Plates, cups and bowls


Thanks for your generosity!