Creation Of The Organization

Projets Autochtones du Québec is a non-profit community organization, founded in 2004.
The goal of this research group, which was initiated by employees of the Montreal Native Friendship Center, researchers from the Université de Montréal and the YMCA downtown, was to collect and produce scientific documentation.
Today, various Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal stakeholders contribute to the operation of the Organization through one-time and recurring projects aimed at meeting the needs of First Nations and Inuit of Montreal and the entire Quebec territory and to allow active and permanent collaboration between the resources available in the territory.

The New Building

Projets Autochtones du Québec was housed thanks to the City of Montreal. After the land acquisition in 2015, the construction project continued. With the help of partners, the Organization became the owner of a new building in May 2016.

The new building allows Projets Autochtones du Québec to continue its mission by ensuring the continuation of its main service.

The accommodation unit has 12 beds reserved for women and 36 beds reserved for men.

The organization works with local communities and government agencies to achieve social justice, people development and control over their lives.
The purpose of these interventions is mainly to support, develop and animate groups dealing with various social issues.

A range of services is available to support residents in a reintegration process including:




  • A free hosting service for homeless or vulnerable people as well as basic services such as: lunches, dinners, showers and extra beds;
  • References relating to intoxication, crisis situations and mental health;
  • Training adapted to the clientele;
  • Interventions adapted to the specific cultures of the clientele;
  • Health and healing activities adapted to the specific cultures of the clientele;
  • A multidisciplinary professional team (Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal);
  • A bilingual service, personalized and free.

An Approach Centered On The Integration And The Needs Of The Participant

The organization wants to bring Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal organizations closer together in order to provide the clientele with a diversity and a congruity of services that suits them.
The organization tries to play an active and positive role with the Aboriginal Peoples by promoting intercultural rapprochement with Quebec society.