Who we are


Our mission is to create a better daily life for Indigenous homeless or at-risk women and men in the urban Montreal.

We are doing this through three key areas of work :


  1. Building Community

PAQ is more than just a physical space: it is a supportive community for Montreal’s Indigenous homeless and at-risk population. It is a place where people who have experienced profound trauma, stigmatisation and exclusion find understanding, dignity, and respect. PAQ cultivates opportunities for First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples to live and express their individual cultures, celebrate their lives, and fulfill their potential.


  1. Providing Services

PAQ provides a wide range of accessible services and referrals that fulfill the basic needs and promote the well-being of the urban Indigenous community in Montreal.

  • Shelter and safety: emergency and long-term shelter beds for people experiencing homelessness
  • Housing: a variety of independent and supportive housing options culturally adapted to the individual needs of community members
  • Psycho-social support: crisis intervention, counselling, and accompaniment in achieving personal, employment and financial goals
  • Other basic services: meals/nutrition, showers and hygiene, emergency clothing, telephone and internet, entertainment.
  • Health and Justice: on-site medical and legal services and referrals


  1. Partnering and Advocating for the health and housing rights of urban Indigenous Peoples

PAQ recognizes that urban Indigenous peoples face a multitude of barriers and discrimination in accessing health and housing services.  We work constructively with other Indigenous organizations and allies to plan and advocate for accessible and culturally-adapted public and community services that meet our community’s needs and promote their health and well-being.