PAQ’s big family

Board of Directors

Benjamin Gingras
Agoo Childrens Health and Wellness Centre

Geoffrey Kelley
Former Minister of Indigenous Affairs
Quebec Provincial Government


Karine Millaire
Secretary of Board of Directors
Lawyer and Professor
University of Montreal

Alexandra Ambroise
works for the Innu Nation, for the 9 Innu communities

Marie-Pierre McDonald
Principal Director
Inter-Nation Collaboration

Marla Newhook
Indigenous Integration Agent
Batshw Youth and Family Centre

Marina Boulos Winton
Executive Director
Chez Doris

Joey Amos

Robbie Madsen


Stacy Boucher-Anthony
Executive Director
514-879-3310 #201

Nicole Fortier
Director of Finance and Operations
514-879-3310 #203

Léonard Buckles
Interim Policy and Program Manager

Natalie Julien
Intervention Services Manager
514-879-3310 #211

Sarah Clark
Marketing and Fundraising Manager

Matthew Biddle
Housing Manager

Morrison Allen
Buildings and Operations Manager

Josianne Cimon
Senior Human Resources Advisor

Hugo Gehin
Administrative and HR assistant

Malcolm Gérard Désiré
Building and Operations Coordinator

Stéphanie Rochon
Communications Assistant

Coral Rivas
Life Skills and Activities Coordinator – PROSPERITY Program

Alyse VanEvery
Volunteer and Community Engagement Coordinator

Virginia Ribeiro
Program Support Worker

Bart Spiewak
Shelter Coordinator PAQ

Dan Gazut
Shelter Coordinator PAQ

Hamdi Mohamed
Shelter Coordinator PAQ2

Cleevens Innocent-Brown
Shelter Coordinator PAQ2 Weekends

Monday Dania
Supervisor Nights

Yonel Eustache
Supervisor Nights

Ingrid-Arielle Mugiraneza
Permanent Housing Coordinator Maison Akhwà:tsire

Isabelle Marquis
Administration and Operation Coordinator Maison Akhwà:tsire

Kim Delisle
Community Health Coordinator

Javier Lopez Fraile
Community Health support worker

Louis St-Germain
Transition Housing Coordinator

Jessica Woolley
Safe Start Coordinator

Jessica Mayo
Caseworker PAQ2

Myriam Shoot Fugere
Caseworker PAQ2

Nicolas Plazas
Caseworker PAQ

Manon Ferland
Food Service Coordinator

Virginia Ribeiro
Program Support Worker

Agnes Mushquash

Pictures not available:

Mark Alsop
Managed Alcohol Program Coordinator

And also a team of talented and committed intervention workers who support
our community with humility, compassion and empathy.