To know everything about PAQ

2020-2021 priorities, adapted by PAQ’s members at the 2020 General Meeting

1.Building our community

  • Creation of a safe and welcoming community space for Indigenous women and men in homelessness situation and support without judgement in their life path.
  • Indigenousation (autochtonisation) of different aspect of PAQ’s life: governance, interventions approaches, programs and activities, etc.
  • Conformity with Public Health directives of Covid-19 to ensure the security of participants and staff.
  • Setting up night and day programs culturally adapted that meets the members needs and preferences.
  • Continuous training for PAQ team in the intervention approach, culturally adapted for Indigenous cultures.

2.Provide accessible services

  • Setting up a house of permanent lodging with a managed alcohol program for the more vulnerable member of our community.
  • Piloting a Life Skills program with confidence building for the transition rooms residents.

3.Defend health and housing rights for urban Indigenous people.

  • Working actively with other Indigenous organizations and allies to fight against systemic racism in general society, and particularly in health and social services network.


Intern Priorities :

  • Update and strengthening of our financial and operational protocols and procedures.
  • Increase our fundraising capacity to diversify financial sources.