Projets autochtones du Québec

The mission of Projets Autochtones du Québec is to offer shelter and culturally adapted social reinsertion services to First Nations, Inuit and Metis people who are homeless or in situations of difficulty.

It aims at bringing closer Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal organisations to ensure its targeted clientele receives the variety and adequacy of services they need.

The organisation plays an active and positive role amongst Aboriginal People by helping intercultural rapprochement with Quebec society.

History Of The Organisation

Projets autochtones du Québec is a non-profit organization based upon social and professional development of First Nations, Metis and Inuit of Quebec territory.

Projets autochtones du Québec was born from an initiative of employees from the Native Friendship Centre of Montreal and from YMCA Downtown.

At that time, the goal of the research group was to collect and write scientific documentation.

Today, many Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal actors contribute to the operation of the organisation through both occasional and recurring projects aiming at addressing the needs of First Nations and Inuit of Montreal and of the whole Quebec territory, and at facilitating active and permanent collaboration between resources available on the territory.

Overnight Stays

Our Services


Transit Rooms

Projets autochtones du Québec offers a full hosting with a fully-equipped studio located in the heart of downtown Montreal.


Projets autochtones du Québec offers a shelter service located in the heart of downtown Montreal.

Our services benefit exclusively to members of the Aboriginal community living in the province of Quebec.



Because culture matters!

Projets autochtones du Québec organizes cultural activities and events to promote solidarity and development of First Nations who attend the shelter and the transit rooms. Those activities are supervised by a professional Culture Facilitator. As culture is a means of gathering, it is our duty to promote it among users of our services and help them with optimal integration and inclusion.
We put emphasis on activities that integrate participants into a healthy and safe community. The Culture Facilitator uses arts, traditional know-how and community gatherings.
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Ice carving

Our Partners


Victims Of «Not In My Yard»

The only night shelter for aboriginals in Montreal is threatened with closure. The Projets Autochtones du Québec Shelter, which houses Aboriginal homeless people in Montreal on De La Gauchetière Street, is threatened with closure. And so far, his relocation is blocked everywhere by the syndrome «not in my backyard». This night shelter, the only shelter…

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An Aboriginal Refuge Finally Finds A Site In Montreal

A house for homeless or precarious Aboriginals is being built in Montreal. A $ 7 million project, for which the sponsoring organization had a hard time finding a site, claiming to be a victim of the «not in my backyard» syndrome.   After studying at least 37 different sites, Projets Autochtones du Québec finally acquired…

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Join Our Volunteers Team

Projets autochtones du Québec, like the majority of social and community organisations, counts on the support and involvement of its volunteers to achieve best operations of its daily and punctual activities. Our volunteering program gives you the opportunity to get involved.

You Too, Give...

Projets autochtones du Québec counts on the contribution of its generous donators to ensure the continuity of its mission. Hosting and social integration services to First Nations, Inuit and Metis communities will be ensured thanks to you!


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